1994 Frederick William Flower: A Pioneer of Portuguese Photography Exhibition curated by Michael Gray, Vitoria Mesquita, José Pessoe and André Rouille, shown at the Museo Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal, including new albumen and salt paper prints by Barbara and Michael Gray.

1995 A Shifting Focus: Photography in India, 1850 to 1900 British Council touring exhibition curated by John Falconer from negatives and prints held in the collection of the East India Company Archives of the British Library Oriental and India Collections. Albumen, salt paper and modern toned silver chloro-bromide prints.

1996 The Working of Miracles: William Ellis, the first photographs of Madagascar 1853-1865 A British Council Exhibition at the Fine Art Society, Bond Street, London and at the Royal Palace Antananarivo, Madagascar. Exhibition POP silver prints by Barbara and Michael Gray.

1996 The Working of Miracles: William Ellis First photographs of Madagascar 1853-1865 Further set of prints were made for exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Spring 1998.

1997/8 Hidden Worlds, John Thomson, Photographer Exhibition curated by Richard Ovenden. The most comprehensive and extensive exhibition devoted to the life and work of John Thomson. Showing a large number of original photographs and publications from the archives of the National Library of Scotland, the National Museum of Photography film and Television, the Science Museum, Bradford and several private sources. The exhibition also includes a number of images exhibited for the first time. The National Library also commissioned Barbara and Michael Gray to reprint 72 of John Thomson’s original wet collodion negatives from the collection of the Welcome Institute for the History of Medicine’s archive. The prints were made on hand-made albumen printing-out-paper and toned with a combination of gold, platinum and palladium salts.

1998 Photographs and Phantasms: Sir Harry Johnson Photographs of Jamaica, Haiti and Cuba circa 1910. A British Council Exhibition curated by Dr Petrine Archer-Straw. 150 exhibition gold and platinum toned prints produced on Centennial fibre-based printing-out-paper and printed by Michael and Barbara Gray. Exhibited at the Royal Geographical Society and venues in the West Indies, Haiti and Cuba; Spring 1998.

1998 Di Lucis Primigeni: WHF Talbot His seminal role in the discovery and invention of the negative-positive process of photography. An exhibition commissioned and staged by the University of Pordenone department of postgraduate photographic studies located at the Villa Ciani, Lestans, Italy. 40 silver salt paper prints taken from original negatives that form part of the Lacock Abbey Collection shown together with 10 original prints. May to August 1998.

1999 Shackleton’s Imperial Trans-Antarctic 1914-1916 Expedition Staged at the American Museum of Natural History, New York. Curated by Caroline Alexander. April through to October 1999. 176 hand printed and archivally processed selenium and thiocarbamide toned silver gelatin prints commissioned by the AMNH and printed by Barbara and Michael Gray from the original negatives of Frank Hurley the expedition’s photographer held in the archives of the Royal Geographical Society, London.

2002 Images of Persia: Laurence Lockhart Photographs from Cambridge University BP Archives,Laurence Lockhart Collection who worked for British Petroleum in Iran, between 1924-6 and 1948-52 exhibition prints taken from the photographer’s original negatives. Exhibited at Tehran University as part of a symposium on The Contribution of Foreign Scholars to Persia and Persian Studies. Preparation of database and image digitisation proposal for the cataloguing of the Laurence Lockhart Collection