1990 Peter Miller: Nightscapes: [British: contemporary] The work of a contemporary photographer who explores light as a minimalist. The use of extremely long exposures to form images where relationships invert and distort, posing questions concerning our perception of the world. Spring 1990.

WHF Talbot in France May-June 1843 [British: 19th Century] An in-depth study of Talbot’s first extensive photographic visit to Paris and selected cities to the south. Placed in the context of his numerous notebooks, diaries and correspondence. 40 Images exhibited as contemporary salt paper prints based upon a section of the larger 1989 exhibition. Spring 1991.

1991 Shadows and light; the work of the Reverend Francis Lockey [British: 19th Century] the first comprehensive architectural photographic study of the city of Bath taken between 1849 and 1858, using WHF Talbot’s Calotype process. A travelling exhibition of 60 new Silver / salt paper prints taken from the original negatives using the methods described earlier. First exhibited at the Royal Photographic Society, Bath, Alkmaar, Holland and at the Fox Talbot Museum. Lacock. June/July 1991

1992 Imaginary Museum Jean Claude Mougin [French: contemporary] The work of a French photographer / teacher / philosopher, Jean Claude Mougin, in which he constructs a group of images as sets with complex cross-relationships which speak not only about the past, but also about a possible future fate of the present. 44 Palladium Prints. Autumn 1992.

1992 Hans Namuth: Los Todos Santos [German / American: 20th Century] The work of the German born photographer, who until 1992 lived in New York. His study of this small group of native Indians of a period of some 20 years is a remarkable human document and an invaluable ethnological study. Following his untimely death in October 1992 his work was exhibited also at the Scottish National Portrait gallery in Edinburgh.

1994 Alfred & John Bool and Henry Dixon: London [British 19th Century] Exhibition based upon the Guildhall Libraries holdings of their remarkable photographic record of the building of the Holborn Viaduct Farringdon Road Development in the city of London. Exhibited at the London Guildhall and the Fox Talbot Museum

1996 Naoya Hatakeyama Limeworks [Japanese: contemporary] Origins of the city: Hatakeyama’s work is monumental in scale and breadth. His photographs are simple yet complex. His subject matter is quarries, the large and extensive scars which are modernity’s most enduring and controversial inheritance. These are the great negative voids which were transformed into the modern city. March to June 1996.

1996 Dick Arentz Recent Work [American: contemporary]: A stunning series of varied images taken at locations and sites drawn together to by the photographer’s distinctive vision and selective understanding of both the sense of place and the unique visual possibilities inherent in the use of the large format Panorama camera and the Platinum process. 38 original hand made prints. September to October 1996.

1996 William Graystone Bird [British, 19/20th Century] A little known British Pictorialist photographer from the turn of the 20th century who captured the life and times of fishing and farming communities in the south-west of Britain. Due to the destruction of his Bath studio in 1937 three generation of the Bird family’s photographic negatives and prints were destroyed with the demolition of the building. His work is now extremely rare. From a private collection. 44 Silver bromide prints from lantern slides. Autumn 1996.