1997 Rainbow Maiden: the Elizabeth Mallet Collection [British 20th Century] a pioneer colour photographer and colour printer covering the period 1929 to 1960. Mallet was one a small close group of British women photographers who produced a remarkable range of photographic studies using the new wash-off relief and trichro-carbro processes. From the Fox Talbot Museum’s own collections. Spring 1997.

1997 Norman Parkinson: Fashion Photographer [British: contemporary] Photographs from the collection of Angela Coombes, Parkinson’s assistant and printer. This exhibition focussed on the work that he undertook for Queen magazine between 1960 and 1964. Exhibited at the Fox Talbot Museum; Spring 1997.

1998 Pepe Diniz: Artists, Writers and Musicians [American/Portuguese: contemporary] Diniz has lived and worked in New York for the last 30 years showing the unique and remarkable set of portraits taken between 1970 and 1980, including Miles Davis, Salvador Dali, Roy Lichtenstein, Tom Wolfe, Paul Strand, etc.. Fox Talbot Museum; Summer 1998.

1998 Rings of Stone: photographs by Edward Piper [British: contemporary] Curated by Prue Piper and Michael Gray. Monochrome photographic prints make from the photographer’s original negatives which reveal the range and quality of his photographic work. It was a project which took Piper over 20 years to complete. The 46 archival prints which formed the core of his exhibition were printed by Barbara and Michael Gray on Agfa Classic multigrade fibre-based paper and toned with Selenium and carbamide. Exhibited at the Fox Talbot Museum; Autumn/Winter 1998.

1998 Philip Coman [Canadian: 20th Century] industrial towns of the north-east. [Canadian: contemporary] An exhibition of 36 photographs hand printed by the photographer on Kodak Ektalure fibre-based paper of the post-industrial landscape principally working through Connecticut, Vermont and New York State. Staged with the help the Canadian Board for the Arts and private sponsors. Exhibited at the Fox Talbot Museum, Spring 1999.

2000 Evocation, Apperception and Entropy: Object as Image. WHF Talbot’s early experiments 1834-1840 [British; 19th Century] This exhibition bought together for the first time a selection of images and objects which WHF Talbot used as the basis of his first trials. Fox Talbot Museum Summer 2000.

2001 Tim Macmillan: Timeslice Pictures [British: 20-21 Century] Retrospective exhibition of the innovative and groundbreaking video-installation artist, and photographer; exhibition also included all Macmillan's prototype devices and multi-lens cameras

2002-3 Antarctic Witness: the Masterworks of Frank James Hurley [Australian 20th Century] 45 specially selected hand printed and archivally processed selenium and thiocarbamide toned silver gelatine prints focussing on the aesthetic and technical content of his seminal work. Printed by Barbara and Michael Gray from the original negatives of Frank Hurley the expedition’s photographer held in the archives of the Royal Geographical Society, London, 2002-3

2003-4 Images of Persia: Laurence Lockhart [British 20th Century] Photographs from Cambridge University BP Archives Lawrence Lockhart Collection who worked for British Petroleum in Iran, between 1924-6 and 1948-52 exhibition prints taken from the photographer’s original negatives. Exhibited in Tehran as part of a symposium on The Contribution of Foreign Scholars to Persia and Persian Studies. Preparation of database and image digitisation proposal for the cataloguing of the Laurence Lockhart Collection, 2003-4

2003-4 Inner Space: John Ford: Photographs [American 20-21 Century] An arresting and memorable group of images of the Colorado Basin Slot Canyons by Californian photographer and declared disciple of WHF Talbot, 2003. Large format colour prints printed on Fuji Crystal by Digital Laserjet